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“Truly nothing short of fabulous… really wonderful” – Marc Riley, 6Music

“I predict great things” – Guy Garvey, 6Music

“…a delight. This is the sound of early Belle and Sebastian, Joni Mitchell and Laura Marling all rolled into one in a gently seductive and soothing concoction. Mellifluous sounds plucked from lead and rhythm guitar and ably enunciated by the light brush of the drums” – Supajam

“Beautifully progressive and original but with a nod to some of the greats. They are one of the best bands out there today.” – Folk Radio UK


Low Chimes are a four-piece alt-folk band from Gloucestershire, UK, who formed during their college days. Following their two acclaimed EPs, released under previous name, Hot Feet, and a Summer of festival dates, the band are putting the finishing touches on their debut album which is set for release in 2017.

Since their last release, the band have developed a fuller sound, finding influences beyond folk, rock and blues.  Whilst retaining their core live band sound, the introduction of synths, samples and other electronics has lent the music a distinct new atmosphere which is a marked progression from their more retro roots.

Layered too are Marianne’s lyrics which are often inspired by nature and seasonal change.  Natural images are woven into narratives of new beginnings and letting go of the past, but often serve as metaphors for darker themes:  Solitude, anxiety and escapism provide an uneasy backdrop to otherwise hopeful messages.

Marianne Parrish – vocals, guitar
Jack Page – lead guitar
Lachlan McLellan – bass
Rob Pemberton – drums